Slot machine winning strategy !

Strategy is the act of betting in a certain way to increase your chances of success. There have been many techniques invented for casino games such as the martingale system in roulette but for now we’re looking at slots particularly the online variety seemingly much more random than other online casino games. It’s possible to bet smart when it comes to online slots firstly let’s get all these myths out of the way.

Number one betting here is always better. This doesn’t make any sense because you would either lose or gain money at the same rate, it’s good if you win money quickly therefore counteracting your original figure risk but in the end it does nothing to improve your winnings.

Bet amount should be decided by your bankroll and so smaller bets might let you play for longer too, selecting certain pay lines. All pay lines have an equal chance of hitting setting strategies will often tell you to only better horizontal lines, because they’re more likely to have something across them.

It’s rubbish symbols will appear randomly across the reel so there’s not across the reel so there’s nothing to make them line up horizontally. Now it’s a complete misunderstanding of how slots works? Don’t listen to it 3 hot-and-cold slots as soon as you hit the spin button the outcome of the slot is decided that spinning animation you see a simply a random number.

Generator picking which symbols to show there’s no pattern or routine to N symbols come up. In this period random every single time because of this every spin has the same odds of winning or losing. You can’t wait around for a slot to pay out better. Hot-and-cold might be true fruit machines and pubs, but online it definitely works differently, so you can see the options for betting smarter limited, but there are a few things you can do.

Firstly find a slot with a high RTP, that’s the return to play a rate every slot has one and they’re not too hard to find. It’s your only insight into how much a slot will pay out the higher the RTP, the more you’ll get back bear in mind the RTP will always be below 100%, meaning that if you play long enough you’ll always lose. Overall a slot for the 98% RTP is high for example, but on average over along the period you would two of every hundred pounds you bet knowing this is a good way to choose when you should stop spinning.

Once you get ahead, get out if you get a great spin early then you might want to stop playing, if you want that money to stick around. Another thing you can do is play simpler slots with less variables like fewer bonus rounds. This not only makes it easier to understand what’s going on. It also means your spins will be less diluted a slot packed with symbols that have loads of different effects makes hitting one of those effects less likely with so many other features cramming for slot space.

Some would argue more bonus rounds of better for making more money, but since their appearance is always tied to the RTP more bonus rounds isn’t necessarily. Again bonus rounds are usually where you’ll win the big jackpots forever so their presence can’t hurt but remember their payouts are always tied to the RTP. Sometimes you just can’t make back the money you lose while getting to them so remember you have to learn the rules to your chances of winning.

You shouldn’t hang in there waiting for your lot to turn and choose your slot wisely bet comfortably and get out while you’re ahead sometimes though it’s worth throwing it all out the window set your bank rolling get spinning or whichever slots you enjoy see where your luck can take you thanks for watching this guy 2 slot betting if you’re looking for more tips check out our guys to martingale and how to beat let Plus you can always check out our main site by the link in the description thanks for watching

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