Bollywood slotmachine Review

Welcome slots fans!

We’re here today to talk about Netenin’s latest game: Bollywood story, with floating wilds during each spin and a free spins bonus round. The RTP for this game stands at 96.10 percent. Bollywood story is pretty straightforward to master, with only two special features. As you can see on screen, we immediately see how the floating wilds work.

During each spin, between two and four random wilds are placed on the reels. They appear as a garland, surrounding a normal symbol, however they will replace that symbol, when a winning combo can be formed. Hitting three scatter symbols activates the free spins feature. Three scatter symbols reward ten free spins, as seen here. Yet it’s possible as well to hit twenty free spins when you hit four, or even thirty free spins when you hit five scatter symbols.

As you’ve surely noticed, the floating wilds also appeared during the free spins bonus round. During each turn, three to six floating wilds are placed randomly on the reels, and with a bit of luck these will help you reach some big wins. Just wait and see. And that’s that for Bollywood story, one of the more stripped-down slots lately. It’s been a come on casino exclusive for a while now, but is finally being given a release to  online casino.

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